Collaboration Day

On Friday 17th January the Prep School held Collaboration Day. It started with a whole school assembly, learning about how geese are excellent at working as a team, supporting each other, working towards a common goal and taking it in turns. The girls then spent the rest of the day putting collaboration skills into practice.

Every class joined their ‘buddy’ class for some collaborative activities. 1S and 4P designed a structure that would balance an egg, Year 5s with Year 3s worked together to make bird feeders for next week’s Bird Watch. 4C joined Nursery at Forest School and Yr 2 and Yr 6 paired up for some fun team games. Over the term the girls will be working on their collaborative skills – taking on different roles within a team, maybe not always being a leader, sharing and building on each others’ ideas, reflecting on their progress towards their task goal.

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