Classics trip to Roman Baths

The Classics Department took L5 Latin students to visit the site of Aquae Sulis (aka the Roman Baths Museum) to complement their study of this Roman city in their textbook. 


Girls saw for themselves the still-functioning natural spring and how the Romans had made this into a formal spring which served to supply the Roman Bath complex they built alongside their temple. 


The remains of this temple, along with the gilded head of Sulis Minerva, were on display, along with the remains of the temple pediment. Also on display were the Roman curse tablets which were found in plentiful supply in the spring. Curses were cast for offences such as the theft of a dress or loss of a girlfriend. Interestingly the goddess granted every single curse written on the lead tablet (nothing to do with the bouyancy of lead!). 


Lastly they had an education session on medicine and healing at this important healing site in Roman Britain.