Classics Trip to Bay of Naples

Over half term, the Classics Department took 34 girls to visit the Bay of Naples to complement their study of Latin. 


On the first day, the girls visited Pompeii and explored the vast city which is still being excavated to this day.  A pilgrimage was also made to the home of Caecilius, the hero of the girls’ current textbook, as well as the theatre, baths, amphitheatre and forum. 


The next day, the explorers climbed up Mount Vesuvius and examined the caldera of the dormant volcano as well as enjoying stunning views of the bay. They then headed off to Herculaneum to explore a sleepy high-class town and revelled in the ability to go inside the houses themselves. On the third day, the group travelled by lightening-fast hydrofoil to Capri and visited the Emperor Tiberius’ home.


On the last day the girls explored the amphitheatre at Pozzuoli and visited the Sibyl at Cumae before flying home.


Throughout the trip, the girls enjoyed some high-quality evening entertainment, from Latin Bingo and Beginner’s Italian role plays (where many of them strangely needed an ambulance, perhaps due to their limited vocab) to Headington’s Got Talent auditions.


Head of Classics Mrs Louise Workman said: “Overall girls and staff had a great time and the group were lucky enough to enjoy some lovely weather throughout the trip.”