Chemists inspired at Oxford labs

Young Chemists were inspired at a visit to Oxford University’s Chemistry laboratories.

The L5 girls carried out a number of activities including using serial dilution and UV spectrometers to measure the amount of yellow dye in cough sweets.

One girl said: “I extremely enjoyed the trip. To be honest, I didn’t really know which science I was leaning towards because I liked all of them, but after today, I think I’m currently biased for chemistry. I genuinely thought the facilities were so, so, cool (we obviously didn’t have those at my old school) and would have stayed there for far longer if I could.

“I also really liked the staff, even though they aren’t teachers, they seemed to be wonderful at teaching. For some reason, just listening to the experiment briefing made me want to understand every scientific part of the experiment so after school I ended up spending a LOT of time researching about dye and all the topics which go with the experiment.”