Chemistry, Materials & Product Design for the Modern Age

Girls were treated to a superb STEM lecture from an inspirational scientist.

Covering his career path, Dr Mike Eason touched on numerous highlights that resonated with the audience.

The talk, which took place in the Hive Lecture Theatre on Thursday 2nd December, started with a fascinating look at the research and commercial work within the cosmetics industry, covering little known facts about deodorants that are best applied before rather than after showering and of hair-styling chemical polymers that can be reset multiple times in a day with just a little added heat.

The science of why humans often cannot smell certain fragrances gave an insight into the world of perfumery.

As the speaker’s story unfolded, listeners learned how life in the workplace evolves in unpredictable directions from a degree in Chemistry to directorship in Engineering and finally product design.

The talk rounded up with a look at specialised materials and their use in a diverse range of global applications such as a new plastic compound used for seals in wind turbines, airliner-based telescopes and even COVID-19 vaccine production plants.

The Science Ambassadors and Headington School would like to thank Dr Eason for his inspirational visit.