Charlotte’s cycling challenge

Ten year old Charlotte set herself a physical lockdown challenge as a way of staying fit, not only physically but also mentally.

She chose to cycle (virtually) from Lands End to John O’Groats, which is an impressive 1,083 miles, and aims to complete her challenge by the end of the Summer Term.

Charlotte is hoping to raise £1 for every mile that she covers and is cycling to help other children who are finding things tough at the moment. The money raised will go to Young Minds charity, which helps young people with mental health issues or those who are just finding things a bit tough at the moment.

As of 21st March 2021, Charlotte has cycled 351 miles and was making her way (virtually) through her home town of Oxford.

UPDATE – 26th May 2021! Charlotte has reached Scotland which is 762.1 miles completed and 70% of her total journey! What an amazing effort so far! Not far to go now. Keep it up Charlotte and we will cheer you over the finish line.