Charity Shop Textiles Challenge

Girls were challenged to combine budgeting, sartorial knowhow and sewing techniques.

On Thursday 28th April, groups from Headington’s Textiles Department were each given a £20 budget to peruse the bargains of Headington’s charity shops in order to create a whole new piece of clothing in a day.

As part of Headington School’s Festival of Creativity, the charity shop challenge tested the girls’ skills by limiting their choice to what they found on the day and how to adapt and alter garments. While the girls spent their day ‘upcycling’, the task highlighted many current issues in the fashion world including sustainability, fast fashion, diminishing pleasure and more.

Mrs Kate Turnbull, Head of Textiles, said: “The girls chopped and changed a number of items to create amazing pieces which were put onto an impromptu catwalk at the end of the day’s work. It was fantastic to see all kinds of sewing skills that they’ve learned over the years put to the test. Well done to everyone who took part, we can’t wait to repeat the challenge again next year!”

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