Charity Bake Sale

A group of Year 6 girls combined a sense of enterprise, creativity in the kitchen and charitable spirit during the Easter holidays.

Lucy, Gracie, Mimi, Allegra, Poppy and Sophia (Year 6) showed amazing initiative, raising money for charity with bake sales.

Gracie, Mimi, Allegra, Poppy and Sophia sold their cakes to the residents of Summertown and raised a fantastic £75 for the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in the process.

Sophia’s mother Rachel said: “The girls were amazingly entrepreneurial, they baked some wonderful goodies, set up in the cold and enthusiastically charmed the residents of Summertown to raise money for their chosen worthy cause.”

Lucy held her bake sale in Headington and Lucy’s father Steve said: “For the first week of the holiday Lucy baked almost nonstop, published and posted flyers, and then on Easter Monday set out a table outside our house in the snow to sell the cakes. The neighbourhood rallied and over two cold hours Lucy sold all of her stock. It was only when she was counting her money I asked how she thought the rest of the girls at school were doing that she told us that it was nothing to do with the School and she had decided to do it independently because it is nice to do something for other people. You can imagine how proud we were after hearing that.”

Lucy raised an incredible £167 for children’s respite hospice charity Helen & Douglas House through the sale of her fabulous cakes and was visited by the charity’s Community Fundraising Manager to receive a thank you card and a certificate.