Period Poverty Drive

Headington’s Charities Prefect led the School community by example, organising a collection for a local charity helping those in period poverty.

The period poverty drive organised by Ellie, U6, saw over 300 donations collected for Oxford-based charity, Wings.

Wings, founded in 2018, is a notable charity based in Oxford that strives to combat period poverty. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that individuals who struggle to access menstrual hygiene products receive the support they need. They offer various services, including organizing donation drives, conducting educational programs, distributing products to those in need and advocating for improved menstrual health policies and equal access to hygiene products for all.

Ellie’s initiative resulted in the collection of more than 300 donations in just one month. This drive involved active participation from pupils, staff, and the wider school community.

As well as gathering donations, Ellie’s goal was to raise awareness about period poverty. A range of posters were created and emails sent within the school community, providing both tangible support and also fostering understanding and empathy.

The donations collected by Ellie and the charities team will significantly bolster Wings’ mission to address period poverty in Oxford. These essential menstrual hygiene products will be distributed to individuals and organizations in need.

Both Wings and the local community extended their thanks to Ellie and everyone who contributed to the initiative. This drive exemplifies the values of empathy, community engagement and social responsibility.

Charities Coordinator Mr David Cunningham said: “Ellie serves as a shining example of how individual dedication can make a substantial difference in addressing pressing social issues.

“Her leadership and the collective support of the school community have positively impacted those in need. Wings, the local Oxford-based charity, continues its tireless work in fighting period poverty.

“Stories like Ellie’s drive inspire us all to be more compassionate, proactive and committed to making a difference to women and young girls in our local community.”