Cell Cakes in Biology

U4 combined their love of baking with scientific knowledge for an imaginative assignment about cells.

Read a report by Megan, U4, below.

One of the things I love about Biology is the practical homework assignments: not only are they fun to do but they also make information stick in your head much more than writing or reading it.

Last year, we made elderflower champagne (to learn about anaerobic respiration) and bread (aerobic respiration) and this year has not failed our expectations: last week, for homework, we made cell cakes!

There were three types of cell to choose from: animal, plant and prokaryotic, but no one’s cake looked the same. There were strawberry-lace cell walls, jelly baby mitochondria, different coloured cakes and much more.

I learnt about what each part of the cell does by making labels for each part of my cake and choosing what decorations would look good as different organelles.

I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s creations – there were some amazing decorating and baking skills on show and it was great to see how different everyone’s cakes were!