Celebration of Woodwind and Brass

Headington’s ‘Celebration of Woodwind and Brass’ on the 5th December was a hugely successful evening concert.

The Britten recital room in Headington’s Music School was at full capacity with a hugely-appreciative audience.

There were many wonderful solos and ensemble highlights in the concert, including an oboe band, brass group, flute group, sax quartet and, of course, the Big Band, which finished the concert with a rousing medley of Christmas favourites.

Mr Tom Anderson, acting Director of Music said: “Our Winter Concert was a fantastic way to start the festive season and the merriment was continued by this amazing celebration of our Woodwind and Brass players. Well done to all the girls involved in both.”

If you would like to see them again, all of the school music performances can be viewed via the ‘Headington Live’ link through the school portals.