Celebrating 10 years of the IB at Headington

This year in school we are celebrating 10 years of the International Baccalaureate at Headington and specifically the 10th cohort of students who are graduating from the programme. Read an article from Mr James Stephenson, Director of the IB.

It was a particularly exciting time in 2007 when Mrs Coutts, then Headmistress, and the school governors took the decision to introduce the IB in response to uncertainty over A Levels and the distinct feeling that “one size didn’t fit all.” We have a lot to thank those people for that decision, a decade’s worth of IB students have enjoyed and benefitted from the IB Diploma Programme as have students taking A Levels, GCSEs and students in younger year groups by the strengths of the programme spreading through the School.

It has been my great pleasure to look after the IB here since I was appointed as IB Co-ordinator in 2007. Perhaps the most rewarding part of my job has been watching students grow through their Sixth Form studies and develop as people, prepared for their next steps in study and life. From the breadth of study of the six subjects, the academic skills developed through the course and for me, the cherry on the cake, the extra-curricular activities of Creativity, Activity and Service where I have seen students truly flourish.

I am looking forward to celebrating this milestone – as with most things at Headington, it will be the students who make it so memorable.

(More information about the IB Diploma Programme at Headington can be found on our website.)