CCF Field Weekend

It was back in the field for Headington’s cadets with their first field weekend since before the global pandemic – and the first overall for many new recruits.

On the weekend of the 2nd October, members of Headington’s CCF contingent took part in an on-site field weekend.

On Saturday, seven senior cadets in the Sixth Form spent the day together and learnt about core values and the leadership code. After battling the elements to put up bashas (shelters) for the night, they were able to shelter underneath them and enjoy pizzas and toasted marshmallows next to the campfire.

Sunday saw 17 keen new cadets arrive from U4 and L5. The senior cadets taught a round robin of engaging lessons which involved new cadets learning leopard crawl with weapons, trying ration packs for the first time and learning how to put camouflage cream on. The day was a great opportunity for new cadets to meet each other and start to build friendships.

The weekend finished off with promotions for senior cadets and a final parade.

Report by CCF Prefect and senior cadet Emma