Caecilius Society visit from Sav Sood

On Thursday 17th the Senior Classics Society (aka the Caecilius Society) welcomed in a socially distanced venue Sav Sood, a first year Classical Archaeology student from Wadham College, Oxford University.

Sav gave an informative talk on the Aeneid in the context of Augustan Rome, considering the parade of heroes and the shield of Aeneas within the historical and political context of the Augustan period.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions on the subject as well as Oxford life.

Mrs Louise Workman, Head of Classics at Headington, said: “It was fantastic welcoming Sav to the Caecilius Society. The society is open to all students in L5 and above and will return in September to further explore in a relaxed environment the classical!”