Busy bees in the Art department

Young artists in the Prep School have been getting creative with a range of different inspirations.

Year 4 worked on Natural Forms: Oceans and Rocks. The girls produced beautiful close observational drawing of the pebbles and stones, developing understanding of line, tone, shade before creating large scale wax resist paintings of their own still life composition. Using shells as their inspiration and the work of ceramic designers, the children produced amazing jewellery dishes using clay that are now awaiting the final glaze which the children will complete themselves.

Year 5 focused on Early Islamic Art and Architecture. They created eye-catching observational pastel drawings of Islamic architecture from around the world before zooming in the geometric shapes that decorate the walls. Inspired by the symmetrical patterns, shapes and colours found in Islamic and Moorish decorative tile work, the children designed their own clay tiles. They experimented with techniques such as carving, scratching and stamping into the clay to recreate their stunning designs.

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