Bunsen burner licenses

Year 6 all obtained their Bunsen burner licenses, ahead of the exciting experiment into the energy contained in a single Wotsit. When burning the crisp, chemical energy became heat that caused a set volume of water to increase in temperature. They measured this for their calculations and really enjoyed the experiment.

Phoebe: “It was really cool to see the different flames and hear the different sounds they made.”

Elia: “It was really fun to learn about why we use a Bunsen burner. Next, we will be burning a Wotsit to find out how much energy is in one. I can’t wait.”

Audrey. “It was fascinating learning about all the different parts of the Bunsen burner.  When the flames changed colour, we were all in awe.”

Iona “From the teacher’s Bunsen burner, we lit our own Bunsen burners with a splint and turned on the gas at the same time.  We had to be silent when the gas first went on to see if there were any gas leaks. If there was a leak there would be a pssssssss sound. Fortunately, there wasn’t.”

Hannah “I really enjoyed learning about the roaring flame because it really did sound like a lion. It was cool that it was transparent as well.”