Biology Trip to the Isle of Wight

On Tuesday 25th June, the L6 A Level and IB girls embarked on a trip to the Isle of Wight for their Biology fieldwork.

It was straight into fieldwork, setting up small mammal traps and conducting their own tiny autopsies on fresh barn owl diets.

A falconry display provided the opportunity to learn more about four different birds of prey, from the stereophonic hearing of barn owls with their asymmetrical ears, to the role in the eco-system of the African hooded vulture.

The group investigated the number and type of different plant species varied across the salt marsh (as water and salt concentrations changed), discovering that deeper into the marsh, the salt content of the soil increased therefore only a few well-adapted plant species were able to survive in the harsh conditions. They the designed, planned and carried out their own investigation on Bembridge rocky shore, ranging from investigating the predation of dog whelks to the distribution of limpets on the shore.

Not only was the field trip very academically enriching but also a wonderful opportunity for the A Level and IB girls to integrate.