Big Schools’ Bird Watch

On Friday 3rd February, 58 pupils got out of bed early and arrived at Prep at 7.30 am. They were excited and eager for the Annual RSPB Big Schools’ Bird Watch. They were prepared with binoculars, clipboards and bird books to identify birds in the school playground.  It was exciting to spot 14 different species of birds including robins, goldfinches and blue tits.  The girls were thankful for Mr Bedford who joined the birdwatchers and shared his excellent bird knowledge.

Some red kites circled round the playground and the girls were able to observe their beautiful colours and patterns.  They also heard the call of the goldcrests that live in the playground but unfortunately this year they didn’t see them. The pupils have continued to spot birds and regularly look out on the games run to the Senior School for the different birds they can see. Keep up the bird spotting!