Biathlon Championships Success

British Modern Biathlon Championships – Saturday 23rd November

Headington Prep had a great day out at the British Modern Biathlon Championships in Nottingham on Saturday 23rd November. Five girls represented the school in the Under 9s and Under 11s with the U9s finishing with a team bronze!

Agatha started well in the Under 11s with a solid 800m run of 2.53.79 minutes. She then gained another personal best in the swim in a time of 42.97 seconds to gain an overall finish of 24th. Chrissy (in her first National Final) completed her run in 2.55.40 minutes and gained a two second personal best in the swim in a time of 44.78 seconds to give her an overall finish of 37th.

The Under 9s were so excited (and nervous) to be at their first National Final. The 400m run was first and Dana finished in 11th (1.29.00 minutes), Alex in 6th (1.25.82 minutes) and Xanthe in 31st (1.39.51 minutes). This was then combined with their swim times of Dana 15th, (21.03  seconds) Alex 27th, (25.83 seconds) and Xanthe 19th, (22.57 seconds). Overall this meant that Dana finished in 9th, Alex in 13th and Xanthe in 29th. We were then even more excited to find out that this placed them in bronze medal position in the team event! All the girls should be very proud of their results in a very high quality final. 

Photo from L-R, Miss Holden, Xanthe, Alex, Dana and Miss Smith