‘Best of Enemies’ Theatre Trip

Sixth Form Drama students headed to London’s West End for a performance of James Graham’s “Best of Enemies”.

The sell-out, critically acclaimed performance at the Noel Coward Theatre starred acclaimed actors including David Harewood as William F Buckley and Zachary Quinto as Gore Vidal.

Mr Phil Macken, Director of Drama, said: “The show is a gripping political drama set in 1968, focussing on two men’s fight to become the next president through the new format of televised debate. It was cleverly designed and directed, with compelling performances from the whole cast. Funny, thought-provoking and engaging. Perfect for A Level students.”

Asha, L6, said: “I found the performance to be absolutely captivating with the integration of real clips allowing the political and social climate of the time to be more clearly communicated to the audience.

“The set was incredibly designed with it resembling a television, so we (the audience) could feel as though we were watching the debates live and the three glass/plastic windows at the top being multi-purpose for projections as well as resembling a production studio.

“The script allowed politics to be accessible to the audience, including enough political information without making it boring.”

Clemmie, L6 said: “I found the production both thought provoking and funny. James Graham expertly portrayed the human side of politics, as he so often does. The set was ingenious and versatile and I especially enjoyed David Harewood’s performance.”

Charlotte, L6 said: “I thought the concept for the play was really interesting how they merged politics and drama together, whilst also keeping it comedic. I also thought the set was amazing, particularly the three screens at the back of the stage.”