Being Creative

In Headington Prep’s Key Worker School, girls have been ‘painting to the music’ in recent Art lessons.

Channelling their inner Wassily Kandinsky, girls listened to songs of their choice and translated those sounds onto marks on the paper in front of them, creating some amazing pieces in the process.

The fantastic outcomes included a selection of both formal and abstract art pieces created using the same technique.

In the picture below this article, Melissa was painting her interpretation of ‘No Time For Tears’ by Little Mix.

Elsewhere, girls across the Prep School have been getting creative.

2H have produced some beautiful Mandalas made entirely out of natural objects. They have also been learning about the Great Fire of London and have been busy creating their own collages of what they thought it might have looked like – with some very dramatic results.

Some Year 3 girls recreated famous paintings showing great attention to detail and exploring work by renowned artists.

Year 2 had the tricky task of recreating a famous landmark, including a fantastic hula hoop recreation of the London Eye.