Back on the Hockey pitch

Competitive Hockey matches have now resumed with girls relishing the opportunity to get back on a pitch opposite new opponents.

Read a write-up of the first two competitive matches of the season from our Sport Prefect, Juliette, below.

Monday 10th May vs Wallingford

The Headington Hockey team played our first match on Monday 10th against Wallingford. This was also our first time playing with different year groups and as a team. Our one aim was to become stronger as a team and play together. This goal was achieved because even though we lost in the first half, no goals were scored in the second half. This shows how we had managed to work together as a team and play one another’s strengths. We also gained confidence as the match progressed and by the end we were playing as a unit with strong and controlled passes. Whilst we did lose 6-0, we all enjoyed going out there in the sunshine and playing Hockey after such a long time!

Monday 17th May vs St Edward’s School

This week we were much more comfortable with playing together as a team. It was a great game with some excellent match play and we won 5-3. The defence as well as our attack was really strong and everyone enjoyed the win! The weather had a mind of its own as we had sunshine, rain, hail and a rainbow over the course of the game, which was quite exciting. We were initially losing 2-0 but quickly managed to get that score up and remained positive, not complacent throughout the game. Our captains were great role models and encouraged us throughout the game to work hard and enjoy it. We were also continually shouting from the sidelines as a form of motivation, and I am sure some of us lost our voices afterwards.