Awards at the Maidenhead Drama Festival

The Sixth Form performance of ‘Numbers’ was awarded several awards at the Maidenhead Drama Festival on the night of Friday 5th May.

The girls came 2nd overall (out of 10 other adult/youth groups) and won the following four specific awards:

The Charlotte Thomas Award  (Class II – Best All Women/Men Cast)
The Eileen Copus Rose Bowl (Class III – Best Youth Group)
The Dorothy & Arthur Sharp Award (Best Stage Presentation)
The Daphne Marshall Award (Best Acting Performance Class III)

– Rose (Winner) and Kiran (Nominated)

These are in addition to the South of England Building Society Bowl for Best Stage Presentation that the girls won at the Maidenhead Drama Festival back in March.

Mr Phil Macken, Head of Drama said: “Well done to the cast, Kiran, Asha, Rose and Zoe, as well as our cameo U3s Annabel and Malika. I’m very proud of them for the effort they put into the final performance and I’m so pleased that they won multiple awards!

“This is also following our fantastic efforts in the previous week at the festival where we were awarded with the Stage Presentation Award recognising the best visuals including set, costume, props and lighting.

“This was a great collaborative effort from the girls original ideas, to John’s construction, a little bit of painting from me, furniture borrowed from VR1, trophies borrowed from Sport/David C/Julie’s office, some lacrosse sticks from Sport, photos of “former head girls” ironically featuring the newest prefects/Head girl trio taken by the cast, as well as some costume donated from Stevenson’s and school badges donated from Badges Plus!”