Award-winning essay confronts climate action

Headington sixth former Tiffany is celebrating winning a national contest marking World Town Planning Day.

The Royal Town Planning Institute challenged students in November to come up with three recommendations for local town planners to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapt to the impacts of climate change.

In November, we encouraged Geography students to enter the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) competition on World Town Planning Day November 2019. The goal was both to inspire young people to look at their local and the wider environment and what decisions impact on it and to think about how skilled and creative planning can help combat climate change.

Taking inspiration from such diverse sources as Bristol, Shenzen, Luxembourg and Dunkirk, Tiffany proposed Oxford planners ban diesel vehicles and encourage the use of electric cars, introduce free public transport and convert the city’s park and ride scheme to tram stations. She used statistical evidence to back up her recommendations as well as analysing some of the core issues currently facing the city.

Tiffany’s essay won the 16-18 essay/report category of the contest, which was open to all UK secondary schools. She will win a range of prizes including an offer of work experience with the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Head of Geography Mr David Cunningham said: “This was a wonderful achievement. Tiffany’s well-researched, bold recommendations show an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing cities like Oxford in addressing climate change and reducing emissions. I’m sure her thoughts would make interesting reading for local planners.”