Autumn in the Art department

The Autumn Term has been packed full of exciting Art and Design activities across the School. 

Year 6 have been learning how to draw the body in proportion and how various artists portray figures in their work. The girls started the project by drawing round each other on the playground to create bold outlines of the body.

They went on to produce dynamic figure drawings, using key features of artist Julian Opie’s artwork within their own. Fabulous work! They also got creative, recycling display board backing paper in our 30 Minute Paper Fashion Challenge.

Year 5 have been looking at Islamic-inspired architecture. They sketched ‘en plein air’ and produced excellent observational sketches of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. They created beautiful ceramic tiles inspired by the interiors of the building. Fantastic job!

Year 4 have been looking at the natural world, beaches and the sea in particular. Then learnt how to create tone in their drawings.

Year 4 looked closely at a video of the sea with waves crashing onto a beach. They then worked in groups of two or three to create stunning collaborative seascapes using oil pastels and acrylic paint.

Year 3 created artwork inspired by their Ancient Egyptians topic and the wonderful artefacts that they examined. From papyrus painting to woven necklaces, the girls’ creations looked amazing.

As part of their Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic, Year 2 enjoyed creating artwork that combined collage with chalk pastels. They spent time looking at examples of this technique from other artists first and then let their creativity run wild!

Year 1 launched their ‘Moon Zoom’ topic with a visit to The National Space Centre, where the girls learnt all about what happens in space and developed a base knowledge about rockets and spaceships. The girls then used their own initiative and imagination to create their rocket and spaceship masterpieces. They look brilliant.

Reception created wonderful rockets made out of a variety of junk modelling at the creation station in Reception.

Nursery also created fabulous rockets using recycled materials. Their finished models showed creativity and wonderful imaginations.

The children in Aftercare were asked to think about their favourite place in school, the recreate it in a painting on a pebble. Their beautiful creations portrayed a whole range of spaces and looked fantastic displayed together.

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