Author visits Year 1

On Monday 22nd April, Year 1 were lucky enough to be visited by author Hayley Jane Smith and her African Grey Parrot, Alfie.

They learnt about parrots, what they eat and their habits such as foraging for nuts and mimicking what people say. The children really enjoyed meeting Alfie and seeing the sample feathers of a Hyacinth Macaw.

They listened attentively to Hayley’s story about the adventures of Alfie as he meets endangered animals in the Brazilian rainforest. The book features Azul, a naughty Hyacinth Macaw, who is experiencing the effects of deforestation in his rainforest home. After hearing about this, the pupils discussed what people can do to bring awareness to this situation and help save these beautiful birds.

The children really enjoyed seeing meeting Hayley and Alfie and seeing a parrot in person also helped the children understand the vital need to secure a positive future for all the animals of the rainforest.