Ashmolean Museum trip

Year 3 recently enjoyed a visit to the Ashmolean Museum for an unforgettable Egyptian adventure.

The pupils strolled through the hallowed halls of history, studying items from Ancient Egypt and discovered the museum’s treasure trove of mummies, hieroglyphics, and intricate artefacts.

They were amazed at the how well the objects were preserved and one pupil said: “I can’t believe these things are thousands of years old!”

As they were learning about the intricacy of a beautifully-preserved sarcophagus, another described it “like a puzzle, but from the past!”.

Everyone really enjoyed discovering new knowledge of the mysteries of ancient Egypt, and to top it off, the pupils were allowed to hold and examine artefacts that were a staggering 4,000 years old. This hands-on experience has helped foster a great appreciation for culture and discovery of the past.