Art Workshop with Paul Blandford

On Wednesday, the Art Textiles scholars across all year groups took part in a painting workshop under the guidance of Paul Brandford.

The ‘We Explore Drawing’ workshop challenged the traditional ways of painting and drawing and enabled us to think more about manipulating the tools and media used.

At first, we were each given three pieces of paper and were told to draw the same image each time using charcoal, however there was a shorter time limit for each drawing. This meant that we had to use the charcoal effectively and to place down tone without caring so much about the accuracy.

This was then developed as we were given another image – of a vase of flowers – and we were told to use the charcoal, and then black paint, to vaguely capture the shape and movement of what we were seeing. This, again, challenged most of us who stay within what we are used to and usually try to capture every detail of an image.

After this painting, we were shown an image of an aged man and, had to paint this freehand – without focusing on small scale details.

Finally, we were shown another photograph – of a fruit – and used unrealistic colours to represent the tones of the image without thinking about how our paintings reflected the actual fruit.

This workshop was incredibly useful to learn about experimenting on a page and was a great opportunity for us to develop and refine our skills using different media. Many thanks to Paul Brandford and Mrs Dalgleish who organised this workshop.

Written by Adina (L5)