A Summer of Art

Art has enjoyed a busy time over the summer term. Each year group has studied a different topic and below is a summary of all that has taken place:

Year 6 – Who Am I?

Year 6 completed their final Art project based entirely on themselves! They created portraits using their own choice of style and media. Year 6 worked incredibly hard to express themselves and give the viewer an insight into their personality. Portraits were created on paper, boxes, fans and even on skateboards and cricket bats!

The finished pieces are stunning.

Year 5 – Rivers Embroidery

Mastering embroidery stitches and creating a design based on the topic Rivers was the task given to Year 5. They were able to design, paint, applique and sew embroidery pieces that included at least five different types of stitch. These beautiful creations will be displayed in September.

Year 4 – Automata

Year 4 mastered the art of Automata, designing and engineering moving toys that included a cam mechanism. After researching their chosen endangered animal, the children enjoyed sawing, cutting and gluing wooden dowels and cardboard. They made thoughtful design decisions based on the shape of the cam and created fun eye-catching designs.

Year 4 – Rachel Jones

In their final lesson, Y4 learnt about artist Rachel Jones whose abstract art expresses her emotions through pattern and colour. To tap into their ‘inner feelings’, the children lay on the floor in silence for five minutes, then painted whatever had come to mind, giving each new thought a shape and colour.

Year 3 – Lowry

Year 3 explored perspective in their latest project about the artist L S Lowry. They spent time considering perspective, planning carefully which parts of their painting should in the foreground and background and also the size they should be. The children managed to capture Lowry’s style perfectly. These beautiful pieces will be displayed in September.

Year 3 – Flatbread Snacks and Food Packaging 

Year 3 investigated food packaging for savoury flatbread snacks. The children were given a choice of fillings which they had to combine together in their home-made flat breads. The end results were truly delicious.

Year 2 – Van Gogh Sunflowers

Year 2 gave us sunshine on a wall! They carefully observed the sunflower series of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. They recreated the painting in stages, and then added colour using oil pastels to recreate Van Gogh’s textured effect.

Year 1 – Rio de Vida

The girls continued the sunshine theme when they designed and made carnival headdresses inspired by their Rio de Vida topic. They combined feathers, jewels and colourful card to replicate the styles they’d seen during their research. Their beautiful designs made an eye-catching display.

KS2 Art Club

Art Club spent one of their final sessions adding even more colour to the School by creating striking Rangoli inspired designs using chalk. The finished result was a colourful entrance filled with very happy but very messy children.

Art Club also created beautiful paintings on their own choice of theme, using the watercolour brush pens. The finished artworks were showcased the choice of media well.

Head of Art Helen Clarke said: “Fantastic work everyone, what wonderful pieces the children have produced!”