Art Roundup – Spring Term 2 

Sustainable Fashion and Barbara Hepworth Y6

Year 6 completed their Sustainable Fashion project, sharing their knowledge and spectacular upcycled creations in an assembly. Each child walked the catwalk proudly showing off their garments that showcased not only their design creativity but also their skill using a sewing machine. Upcycled garments included features such as hems, tucks, seams, tie dye, applique and embellishments. Fantastic work everyone!

With the kiln repaired and ready to go, Year 6 set to work glazing and drawing their Barbara Hepworth inspired sculptures. The finished sculptures are stunning.

Moving Vehicles Y5

Year 5 mastered the art of aerodynamics, designing and engineering models that included an electric circuit. After building their design in card first, the children enjoyed sawing and cutting wood, foam and corrugated plastic. They made thoughtful design decisions based on the weight of materials offered and created fun eye-catching designs.  Excellent job Y5.

Narrative Textiles  Y4 

Year 4 were inspired by the work of American artist Faith Ringgold. Using Ringgold’s textiles as inspiration they created beautiful artwork using fabric dyes and patches of fabric that told a story of their own happy memories. They also produced a fabulous collaborative painting of Headington Prep School  inspired by Faith Ringgold’s ‘Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles’.