Art round-up 2023/24

It was another bumper term for Art and Design Technology at Headington Prep.

Food and Nutrition was a key feature, with the children in Key Stage 2 cooking and baking everything from fresh raspberry scones to tasty Thai Noodle salad. Year 3 taste tested various flavours then added them to their own recipe for flatbread! Year 6 challenged their inner Italian and made fresh pasta tagliatelle to accompany a tomato, basil and garlic sauce.

Focusing on extending their ceramic skills, Year 2 created beautiful tiles inspired by the colourful fishing boats they saw in Claude Monet’s ‘Bateaux de pêche’ oil painting. They used clay tools to create texture and added vibrant colours to capture the lively scenes Monet depicted.

Year 3 also took their inspiration from an artist but with landscapes depicting a much colder setting—the Arctic. They experimented with a range of textures, such as paint mixed with sand, resulting in stunning finished pieces that vividly portrayed the icy landscape.

Year 4 were fizzing with excitement when they began their Automata project on the theme of endangered animals. By incorporating their chosen shape of CAM, they designed moving toys that aimed to deliver an important message about protecting our most vulnerable animal breeds.

Year 5s turned their hand to textiles, designing and embroidering stunning river-inspired scenes.

Year 6 ended their year with the theme of “All About Me,” showcasing their unique artistic styles in both self-portraits and leavers tiles. These projects were a fitting final exhibit that celebrated their individual journeys and creative growth.