Art Competition Winners Autumn 2020

Gifted artists across Headington School have turned their artistic eye to issues of sustainability and the environment for a special contest.

Over the Autumn half term, Headington School’s Art Department ran a competition for girls from both Prep and Senior School. The contest also allowed girls to draw on specialities such as design, fashion and textiles.

The three categories which girls could enter were as follows:

  1. Design a product that shows sustainable design e.g. made from recycled materials, powered by renewable energy, solves a problem in an eco-friendly way
  2. A piece of art which uses only eco-friendly materials
  3. A piece of art which has a clear environmental message e.g. highlighting a particular environmental issue

There were an amazing array of entries with a huge variety of styles, ideas and design choices on show including a mosaic made from plastic found on the beach, a bag made from repurposed/upcycled materials, a computer graphic representation into overfishing, an animation about endangered species and many, many more.

There were lots of different prizes available for the winners, all of whom will have their work exhibited at the opening of The Creativity and Innovation Centre: The Hive in September 2021. Find out more about The Hive here –

Mrs Tova Dalgleish, Headington’s Director of Art, said: “We were so impressed with the variety of entries. We had entries all the way from Reception to U6 and so well done if you managed to get an entry in. The standard of work was wonderful, there’s some really amazing artistic talent out there and it’s great to see.”