Ancient Greek Day in Year 5

Tuesday 26th September

Year 5 took an adventure into the world of Ancient Greece. They learnt about the Olympic games, Greek gods and ancient myths filled with tragedy, comedy and drama.
“We started Greek Day arriving in our Greek costumes, it was really fun seeing everyone and finding there were lots of Aphrodites! We met the lady who told us lots about Greece. She let us try on her brother’s armour and it was really funny how big it was. We played a Greek Board game and solved a Greek puzzle. We then had a debate about whether it was better to live in Sparta or Athens. Some of the things that were said include “Athens is better, it has more money” and ” Sparta is better because we have hardened warriors.”  Finally we had a mini Olympics and Sparta won.”
By Katie, Silvia, Lara and Rebecca

Greek Day Y5_31