AI Conference

Headington School hosted an education conference focusing on AI technology.

The aim of the conference was to bring home some of the many stakeholders in the sector – including teachers, senior leaders, exams boards, regulators, publishing houses and education businesses – together to share ideas about AI.

The conference in June was attended by over 100 delegates from institutions like OUP, Ofqual, the IB, a wide collection of local schools (Wheatley Park, Cheney, Cherwell, MCS, d’Overboreck’s, Abingdon) and schools from further away (Eton, Sevenoaks, Malta).

After listening to five very eloquent, enthusiastic and intelligent speakers, the conference was buzzing with ideas.

Mr George Vlachonikolis, Assistant Head at Headington, said: “The key takeaway was this:

We don’t (can’t) know the full AI timeline, or the endpoint: life of leisure vs terminator.

“We do know that the principles of effective learning and assessment don’t change. Therefore, let’s play with the new AI tools available to us (teachers and students).

“As we play, let’s work out what we want the job share between AI and human intelligence to be, in order to best achieve those principles.”

Speakers included Tim Oates CBE, Dina Foster, Ourania Ventista, Gwenyth Toolan, Nick Chatrath.