A visit from Economist Vicky Pryce

On Tuesday 10th March, as part of the Doughnut Club (Economics Society), we were extremely lucky to welcome economist Vicky Pryce to speak to us about her new book ‘Women vs Capitalism’ and the place of women in the wider economy.

The event was attended not only by sixth formers studying economics but also by others interested in politics, due to Vicky’s high-profile career as the first female Chief Economic Advisor to the government.

Everyone found the talk very motivational and it inspired many conversations on how best to recognize the unpaid work of women in the home, as well as ensuring businesses employ more women in executive positions in order to provide role models for future generations.

A powerful feminist message in the light of International Women’s day, thank you so much to Vicky Pryce for accepting our invitation!

Report by Ines, U6