A musical Summer Term

The Summer Term at Headington has been accompanied by wonderful music.

The ‘Farewell Concert’ was a special event, exceptionally organised by a group of U6 girls, who performed in different ensembles and orchestral groups. In the audience, there were the parents and relatives that have seen their daughters developing their musical skills, forming friendships, and sharing their day-to-day life in the Music School for several years. The concert had great moments of fun thanks to the wide variety of musical genres and styles and offered memorable performances when some of the parents played with the children.

The ‘Celebration of Piano’ has been a true success. All the performers had the opportunity not only to exhibit their talent but also to express their originality by combining Music with other arts. Some of them chose to project videos, paintings, dedications, and movie clips, others showed their virtuosity by playing some of the most famous and challenging piano pieces in history.

The attendees, who were numerous and included many boarders, were captured from the beginning to the end.

Following the success of last year, Ms Kate Roberts brought together the most passionate flautists in school and offered another ‘Flute Concert’ of solos, duets, quartets and larger ensembles.

The ‘Celebration of Singing’ featured 24 solo performers and Chamber Choir.  As ever, the music was extremely varied and excellently sung. The event ended with a surprising and fun performance of Ms Elizabeth Emberson and Ms Suzanne Higgins, who cheered the audience with Rossini’s ‘Cats Duet’ while wearing cat masks.

Despite the academic exams, our girls did not dismiss Music and attended or performed in our Lunchtime and Teatime Concerts in significant numbers. Participation in these events increased so much that it was often needed to change the starting time! ‘Jazz Cakes’ this term was understandably called Icy Cool Jazz because it took place at Purcell Terrace and included music, sunshine and ice cream! Plenty of girls came to sing, support their friends and enjoy a refreshing treat.

There is no term that goes without a major concert. The ‘Summer Evening Concert’ celebrated the start of the new season with plenty of fantastic Music performed by our main ensembles, orchestras, and choirs. It was wonderful to welcome a contingent from the Prep School to add to the cast while a newly-bought bass flute added a deep, intense sound to the Music.

This term ended with three days of ABRSM exams and the exciting Musicianship Awards ceremony as part of the termly Cups and Colours assembly. The Achievement and Progress Awards are special prizes given by the Music teachers to those who gained either an excellent level of achievement or showed a consistent and substantial progress throughout the whole year. The six winners received a certificate and a cake, which they shared with their best friends. What a way to end such a busy and thrilling academic year!

Summer Concert 2023