A ‘Dream’ of A Midsummer Production!

As other pupils began to wind down towards the end of the Summer Term, the cast and crew of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ commenced their intensive ten-day production week, culminating in three fantastic evening performances and one glorious matinee performance, delivered by the understudy cast.

The cast, made up of students in U3, L4 and U4, gave wonderful vocal performances, flowing physical comedy, and stylish performance mastery, as they wowed the audience with this magical tale. The lovers of Kate, Aev (both U4), Lottie and Yasmine (both L4), were emotional, as well as comical, and the fight scene between Demetrius and Lysander echoed Firth and Grant’s famous Bridget Jones duel!

The Fairy Kingdom, led by Drama Scholars Lydia (U4), Penny and Sophie (both L4) delivered passionate and angered moments, whilst also perfectly balancing their own absurdity. Finally, the mechanicals of Roshani, Emily, Rebecka, Eva, Georgie & Ella (all U4), provided the hilarity throughout, with slapstick physicality, disastrous moments and plenty of audience interaction!

The rest of the cast, including the fairy chorus, created a wonderful performance, which for all of them was their first major production at Headington as the last junior production was in 2019. Notable credits should also go to Fran and Grey (both L6) who operated the sound and lights throughout, as well as Imogen (L6) who played live piano throughout the play.

An incredible feat by all involved, and certainly plenty of talent to look forward to seeing for many years to come.