A Creative Tomorrow Starts Today

During the week of 9th-16th November, schools across the UK are coming together to offer their communities a dedicated opportunity to give their time, treasure, or talent. At Headington we would love your support towards The Hive to help us achieve our campaign for a creative thinking future.

We believe that the ability to think creatively is the key skill that every individual requires to succeed and we are delighted to be building our Creativity & Innovation Centre: The Hive for opening in September 2021. The Hive will enable us to create an environment to foster creativity and ensure that each of our pupils lives up to their creative potential.

During this week, find out more about why Creativity has become the most important skill in the world, what it means to be a creative thinker and why we’re acting now.

Creativity is not just about being artistic, it’s the ability to take risks, adapt, innovate, and to have the vision to make ideas a reality. At Headington, we believe it is crucial to teach these skills from an early age and build upon them at each stage of the curriculum. All parents are invited to join Simon Hawkes, Deputy Head in conversation with a panel of staff from the Prep and Senior School discussing why we place creativity at the heart of a Headington education. Sign up for ‘creativity in the curriculum’ live session on Monday 9th November at 7.00 pm including the opportunity to ask questions. If you cannot attend, please register and you will be sent a recording of the session.

During the week, girls will have the opportunity to hear about the importance of creativity in sustainability from a successful business whilst caring about people and the planet. Solar panels, bird and bat houses are just some of the sustainable features of The Hive and provide inspiration for our sustainability competition. All pupils are encouraged to take part over half term for their chance to have their work exhibited in The Hive at the opening event in 2021.

So,what does it mean to be a creative thinker? What skills do employers value? What is inside The Hive? Keep an eye on your inboxes and across our social media channels to learn more as we take the opportunity to talk about all things creativity, innovation and sustainability. In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please watch our film all about our vision for The Hive and if you can support our campaign for a creative thinking future by giving your time, talent or treasure our Development team would love to hear from you – development@headington.org