Meet Tinu

Head of Day & Dance Scholar

Tinu joined Headington in U3 from a state primary school in London. A day girl, she studies Politics, English, Dance and the Extended Project Qualification. Tinu is a Dance Scholar and also works on the Economics Magazine, journalism publication HotSpot, the Model United Nations and is a member of the charities committee. She hopes to study international relations and politics and continue her interest in public speaking and debating.

On Headington

I think Headington is an environment where people are able to thrive. One of its ethoses is for people to be able to flourish despite their backgrounds and Headington is a real reflection of that. People are able to come together and unite, whether that be through sport, or academics or something else. There are many different fields or platforms for people to try out and diversify in what they want to do.

On teaching

The teachers are phenomenal, they are all very competent in their subject and have an excellent level of expertise. That passion that they have is communicated to us and we are able to reciprocate that and rise to the challenge. Learning subjects here is a really enticing experience. There’s something for everyone here because Headington is so diverse in many different ways as well as subjects. I do a lot of dance. We have a really good range of activities as well to participate in.

On Sixth Form

The space is what brings people together because it is so open and inviting. People you might not have spoken to in previous year,s you are able to interact with because you are physically together and you are able to have that sense of community that Headington stands for.

What would you say to someone interested in coming here?

It would be a really good way to meet new people and people who share experiences and passions they care about also people who might interest you so you can learn about each other. It was a big jump for me living in a city, my state school was mixed so it was a big transition but it was for the best and I really enjoyed it here.

On a typical Headington girl

It’s about approaching things with an open mind whether that be something out of your comfort zone and seizing every opportunity we are provided with and valuing it. I remember visiting for the first time and just thinking ‘what is this school?!’. Particularly the front, the lawn, all these facilities, all the girls talking about things and it was like ‘wow, there’s definitely going to be something here I’m going to really enjoy and hopefully take on to the future. The dance studio is hands down the best place and I really was really excited to come here.