Meet Summer

Year 6 actress

Summer joined Headington in Cornflower Nursery. She absolutely loves Drama and, as well as taking the subject in class, she is in Drama Club. She rides for the School.

On Drama at Headington

I have always, since Year 3, really liked the Drama and the Drama teacher has always been very nice. My favourite subject is Drama. 

On what she’s learned about herself

I’ve learned that I’m very good at Drama and that all the teachers here are lovely and that I’m also good at Maths and English. I have also learned that I have lots of friends and that I’m good at making friends with different people.


On her ambitions at Headington

I’m looking forward to going for the Drama Scholarship and planning the monologue for that. I would also be very happy if I could get the Academic Scholarship which I’m going to try and go for. I’m also looking forward to representing the School in the National Horseriding Championship coming up. I have been trying for a little while to build up a team for Horseriding, I’d really like to grow that club at the Senior School.