Meet Nancy

Prep School Head Girl

Nancy joined Headington in Year 2 from a local primary school. She takes part in lots of clubs covering Music, Drama, Swimming, Cricket and Athletics.

On her strengths

I really enjoy sport and drama and I think I’m quite on the academic side too. I do some music and I play the guitar. I like Science, which is one of my favourite subjects but to be honest I kind of like everything!

On her favourite thing about Headington

I like how you have all the options. I like how they give you the freedom of everything they let you do what you want to do and I think you get a lot of choice. I really enjoy Science lessons because there’s always something fun to learn. It’s just very interesting!

On her aspirations for the end of Headington Prep

I want to maybe a captain of a sports team, perhaps cricket, but definitely stay in the Cricket Team because I really enjoy it.