The Fencing British Youth Championships

In May 2019, Headington had four girls represent Headington School in the finals of the British Youth Fencing Champsionships at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

Tegen (U16) and Darcy (U14) competed in the Sabre categories. Louise, Alexandra and Darcy all competed in the U14 Foil. Darcy and Alexandra also competed in the U14 Epee. Alexandra had won her Epee regional qualifier outright en route to the finals.

All the girls fenced well however it was Darcy, ranked 16th, who in particular exceeded all expectations. She defeated the number one seed in the third round of direct eliminations, having caught up from 6 – 10 down at the first break to level it to 14 all. She then eventually won on a very bold last hit! Darcy then fenced her way to the final and finished with a silver medal in the U14 Epee. She also placed 10th in the Sabre and 17th in the Foil.

Tegen finished 21st nationally in the U16 Sabre.

Well done to all the girls who competed that weekend.