Philosophy Cafe with Peter Singer

For the final Philosophy Cafe event of the year, we were fortunate enough to be joined by the world-renowned thinker, Professor Peter Singer from Princeton University.

Best known for his utilitarian approach to ethical decision making, Prof Singer explained how he applies this method to a variety of issues, ranging from animal welfare to voluntary euthanasia and more recently to the obligations we have towards humans who are suffering throughout the wider world.

Students and staff from three other local schools were also in attendance and were all given the opportunity to ask questions after the talk. The discussion that followed was lively and there was no shortage of students wanting to challenge Prof Singer’s views! It’s the second time the well-known philosopher has visited the School, previously speaking at our Philosophy Café in 2015.

Philosophy and Religious Studies teacher Mr Simon Drew, who runs the Philosophy Café, said: “All in all, it was a very memorable end to what has been an extremely successful year for the Philosophy Cafe. We look forward very much to inviting some more philosophical ‘big names’ next year!”