Amazing Ensemble Concert

Our annual Ensemble Concert gets better every year! On Wednesday 27th March, the Prep Ensembles performed brilliantly to family and friends. Key Stage 1 welcomed Miss Brown to her first concert with Junior Choir, who sang so confidently, then Miss Hopkinson blew us away with Junior Strings, a nine member group formed in January. Year 1 Choir also made us proud. We had 12 harps on stage, a personal highlight, the sound they produce is just so beautiful! Wonderful Woodwind and Ready Steady Blow are both fantastic groups. It is so encouraging to see more girls playing and joining the ensembles. Guitar and Ukulele groups are also continuing to grow and the girls are performing well. I’m hoping we will see the Ukulele Group again on Foundation Day.

Beautiful harmonies were heard from Mrs Thomas’s Singers, Mini Soul Train and Chamber Choir. Pop and Jazz finished off the concert with amazing energy and an encore!

Mrs Evetts, Head of Music