Cornish getaway for CCF contingent

Thursday, 6 April 2017 - 1:27pm

Our CCF contingent spent their Easter camp at RAF St Mawgan. Read cadet Isla's account, below.

I really enjoyed Easter camp this year. It was packed full of exciting activities and they all were a huge success with everyone.

We kick-started Friday morning with our first activity, which was surfing . This was a new and incredibly fun experience for most of us, as well as having some experienced surfers in the group. The instructors were friendly and always tried to help us if we got caught up in a wave. Despite the rain, everyone had a constantly positive attitude even though we experienced some epic wipeouts in the spectacular waves.

After a delicious dinner and an exciting quiz, the second activity we did was mountain biking which was also phenomenal, as we cruised over jumps and bumps on the skills track at speed. We split into two groups and my group went over intermediate tracks and one advanced track with great fun and you had to stand up most of the time, even down steep hills. The instructors were informative and encouraging, as most of us had crashes involving trees. We battled with heavy rain and everyone was soaked that night, the whole group were walking like penguins after that because of sitting on the seat for too long!

The last activity was the long beautiful coastal walk to the campsite, where we were challenged with facing steep hills to climb. By the end we all were exhausted and thankful to be at rest. Many selfies were taken and several stops for pictures of the coast.

Although we were all sad to leave, a very exhausted and happy group of girls headed back to Oxford on Monday morning, filled with happy memories by the sea and with everyone in CCF! Many thanks to Sergeant Travis and Captain Charania for putting on another terrific trip for us at CCF.

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